Jeffrey Bai


Jennifer Jun

External VP

Mindy Wang

Internal VP

Kaini Chen


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Emma Lu

VP Marketing

Emily Zhao

Social Chair

Jacob Wee

Social Chair

Agnes Pei

Professional Chair

Stanley Wong

Professional Chair

Caitlin Leung

Philanthropy Chair

Jinna Han

Philanthropy Chair

Lucy Cao

Signature Event Chair

Claire Yu

Signature Event Chair

Nick Ng

Senior Rush Chair

Emma Lu

Senior Rush Chair

Claire Yu

Junior Rush Chair

Stanley Wong

Junior Rush Chair

Caroline Cai

Home: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Majors: Computer Science, Business Analytics
Internships: Facebook, Shortcut
Interests: Swimming, Skiing, Hiking

Cathleen Gui

Home: Chicago, IL, USA
Majors: Technology, Finance
Internships: Qatalyst, Bank of America Merril Lynch
Interests: Swimming, Dance, Game of Thrones, Music Composition

Erika Hao

Home: Manila, Phillipines
Majors: Finance, English
Internships: Goldman Sachs, Teach for the Philippines, BPI, First Metro Investment Corporation
Interests: Bullet Journals, Long Outdoor Runs, Dessert

Luke Kertcher

Home: Perry, OH, USA
Majors: International Relations
Internships: South East Asia Resource Action Center, VietLead, Leaders of Change
Interests: Eating, Traveling, Sociopolitical Activism

Cathy Liu

Home: Manhasset, NY, USA
Majors: Biology
Internships: Penn Sleep Medicine Research Assistant
Interests: Cards, Health News, Music Box Melodies

Skylar Tang

Home: Hong Kong, China
Majors: Marketing, Business Analytics
Internships: PwC, Hang Lung Properties
Interests: Biking, Mass Media, Superhero Movies

Allison Wong

Home: Rockville, MD, USA
Majors: Marketing, Operations and Information Decisions
Internships: Vayner Media, Aspire, Infosys
Interests: Eating, Sleeping, Golfing

Mayli Yang

Home: Yangon, Myanmar
Majors: Finance, Management, Real Estate
Internships: Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs' Association, Myanmar Tourism Bank
Interests: Culture, Photography, Make-up

Janet Zhang

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Majors: Finance, Management
Internships: Cantor Fitzgerald, JA Canada, Canadian Western Trust
Interests: Golf, Fashion, Restaurant-Hopping, Photography

Joe Zhu

Home: Shenzhen, China
Majors: NETS, Finance
Internships: The TCW Group, Accenture, Annaly Capital Management
Interests: Music, Investing, Technology, Tennis

Jeffrey Bai

Home: Long Island, NY, USA
Majors: Finance, Management
Internships: Payoneer, XLP Capital, Momoso
Interests: Tetris, Boxing

Sinziana Bunea

Home: Bucharest, Romania
Majors: Economics, International Relations
Internships: Citi, KPMG, Deloitte
Interests: Running, Ballroom Dancing, Card Games

Daphne Fong

Home: Hong Kong, China
Majors: Finance, Marketing, Social Impact
Internships: Deutsche, Morgen Evan, BAIA International, EBF
Interests: Aerial Yoga, Sitcoms, Hamilton, Traveling

Jeffery Gao

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Majors: Finance, Management, International Relations
Internships: Capital One, Mastercard, WAAN, US-ASEAN
Interests: Conservation, Fishing, Marine Life, Consumer Technology

Varun Jain

Home: Millstone, NJ, USA
Majors: Computer Science, Statistics
Internships: Jamison Capital Partners, Riskval, Princeton Advisory Group, Rentscene, PURM
Interests: Origami, EDM, Hiking, Frisbee

Xuanru Ng

Home: Singapore, Singapore
Majors: Finance, Computer Science
Internships: Morgan Stanley, Facebook
Interests: Skiing, Drinking Coffee, Eating Onigiri, League of Legends

David Pang

Home: Honolulu, HI, USA
Majors: Finance, Accounting
Internships: Silver Lake, OpenGate Capital, First Hawaiian Bank, Honolulu Options Traders
Interests: Ukulele, Landscape photography, Basketball

Irene Wu

Home: Nantong, China
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics, IR
Internships: Morgan Stanley, LGT Capital, iJoin Consulting
Interests: Singing, Traveling, Movies

Tony Xiao

Home: Hong Kong, China
Majors: Computer Science, Finance
Internships: Silver Lake, Welend, Western Securities
Interests: League of Legends, Piano, Cantopop, Tetris

Cindy Yuan

Home: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Majors: Finance, Political Science
Internships: Applied Predictive Technologies, GREE Ventures, Junhe LLP, ForNGO
Interests: Vinyl Collecting, Cooking, Traveling, Boxing

Jun Guo

Home: Changsha, Hunan, China
Majors: Political Science, BEPP
Internships:, Pennsylvania Democratic Campaign
Interests: Traveling, Hiking, Mahjong

Rachel Leong

Home: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Majors: Actuarial Science, Finance
Internships: Facebook, Central Bank of Malaysia, Libra Invest Berhad
Interests: Instagramming, YouTube, JMHH 380

Iris Li

Home: Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Majors: Marketing, Management, Social Impact and Responsibility
Internships: (Incoming) JP Morgan, Lilitofu
Interests: Traveling, Volunteering, Pottery, Kickboxing

Shaun Lim

Home: Singapore, Singapore
Majors: Finance, Accounting
Internships: (Incoming) Moelis & Company, Ministry of Communications & Information, Crimsonox Capital
Interests: Basketball, Backpacking, Poker, Soccer

Robert Naruse

Home: Newport Beach, CA, USA
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics
Internships: Statistics Department Research
Interests: Statistics, 20th Century Art, College Football

Chow Ng

Home: Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Majors: Marketing, Management, Social Impact and Responsibility
Interests: Table Tennis

Christina Park

Home: San Diego, California, USA
Majors: Finance
Internships: (Incoming) Stifel
Interests: Golf, Taekwondo

Serena Wen

Home: Beijing, China
Majors: Economics, Italian Studies
Internships: (Incoming) JP Morgan, China Asean Fund, Salvatore Ferrogamo
Interests: Hip-Hop Dance, Old Movies, Languages

Nancy Xu

Home: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Majors: Psychology, Business Analytics
Internships: (Incoming) EY-Pantheon, Penn Psychology Lab
Interests: Penn Psychology Lab, StudenTown Educational Consulting, Credit Lend Technology

Hain Yoon

Home: Hong Kong, China
Majors: Communications
Internships: BBVA, Cat Street Gallery
Interests: Film, Astonomy, Astrology, Art

Jingyi Zhang

Home: Beijing, China
Majors: Finance, Statistics
Interests: Drama, Dancing

Michael Zhou

Home: Shanghai, China
Majors: NETS, Wharton Undeclared
Internships: Oriental Fortune Capital, Haitong Securities, SHZQ Futures
Interests: Music, Sports, Chess, Reading

Heidi Chiu

Home: Thousand Oaks, California
Majors: Nursing
Interests: Museums, Grocery stores, Studio Ghibli, Taekwondo

Kristie Hong

Home: Basking Ridge, NJ
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics
Internships: (Incoming) JP Morgan, Pfizer, Penn Wharton Budget Model
Interests: Reality TV shows, weird Chinese card games, Dimsum House @ 2AM

Jennifer Jun

Home: Mountain View, CA
Majors: Computer Science
Internships: (Incoming) Bank of America Merill Lynch, Citi FinTech, Morgan Stanley, Silver Lake, Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Interests: Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Cooking, Foodstagramming

Elaine Li

Home: Daqing, China
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics, Operations, Information, and Decision
Internships: (Incoming) JP Morgan, McKinsey & Co.
Interests: Ceramics, Skiing, Food, and Travel

Agnes Pei

Home: Shanghai, China
Majors: International Studies, Finance
Internships: Warburg Pincus, China Eastern Airlines, Gloveler GmbH
Interests: Traveling, Movies, Poker & Cats

Kevin Tan

Home: Manila, Philippines
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics, Management
Internships: Credit Suisse, PBCOM, HDI Securities
Interests: Table Tennis, EDM, NBA, Video Games

Evan Batov

Home: Staten Island, New York
Majors: Finance, Global Analysis, Public Policy
Internships: United States Senate (Washington, D.C.), MedLab Media Group, Real Estate Investment Firm
Interests: Photography, tennis, politics/policy

Raj Bhuva

Home: Mumbai, India
Majors: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry

Grant Cho

Home: Hong Kong SAR, China
Majors: Finance, Marketing, Legal Studies
Internships: CEO Global, CLSA Capital Partners
Interests: Tennis, Mentoring, Entrepreneurship

David Fan

Home: Fuzhou, China
Majors: Mathematical Economics
Internships: Kalinax, OIDD Department Research Assistant
Interests: SITCOMS

Nathan Huynh

Home: Melbourne, Australia
Majors: Undecided
Internships: Artesian Venture Partners, Spring Point
Interests: Music, tennis, food

Grace Lee

Home: San Diego, California
Majors: Political Science
Internships: Wharton Management Department, Wharton Public Policy Initiative, UC San Diego HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center
Interests: Synchronized skating, Yelping, organizational behavior

Emma Lu

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Majors: Finance, Statistics, Computational Biology
Internships: Meyler Capital, Penn Perelman School of Medicine
Interests: Volleyball, Procrastinating, Buzzfeed Unsolved

Chloe Niu

Home: Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Majors: Finance, Business Analytics, Management
Internships: Wharton Summer Program for Undergraduate Research, Leadership in the Business World, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
Interests: Golf, Entrepreneurship, Music

Nick Ng

Home: New York, New York
Majors: Computer Science
Internships: McKinsey Investment Office Partners, Morgan Stanley
Interests: Synchronized skating, Yelping, organizational behavior

Isabelle Tao

Home: Singapore, Singapore
Majors: History
Internships: examPAL, I Know First
Interests: Sushi making, Hiking, Badminton

Mindy Wang

Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Majors: Undecided
Internships: InstaHub, Republic Bank
Interests: Badminton, Mukbangs

Jacob Wee

Home: Manila, Phillipines
Majors: Finance, Psychology
Internships: Shopee

Emily Zhao

Home: Austin, Texas
Majors: Management, Marketing, Finance
Internships: Wayfair, Penn Economics Department
Interests: Powerlifting, sustainable technology, Twitch streams

Lucy Cao

Home: Shanghai, China
Majors: Cognitive Science & Computer Science
Internships: Pfizer
Interests: Drawing, watching How I Met Your Mother, Books by Mitch Albom

Kaini Chen

Home: Bay Area, CA
Majors: Acturial Science

Jinna Han

Home: Charlottesville, VA
Majors: Mathematical Economics
Internships: International Center for Jefferson Studies
Interests: Cello, Catullus, Creative Writing

Caitlin Leung

Home: Maspeth, NY
Majors: Marketing & OIDD
Internships: ED by Ellen DeGeneres
Interests: Volleyball, Calligraphy, Design

Michael Singson

Home: Manila, Philippines
Majors: Behavioral Economics & Psychology
Interests: Video games

Stanley Wong

Home: Columbia, SC
Majors: PPE
Internships: Machwurth Team International Consulting
Interests: Long distance running, Cooking, Photography

Claire Yu

Home: Vancouver, Canada
Majors: Finance
Internships: Government of Canada
Interests: Babysitting, Architecture Modeling, Eating