Phi Gamma Nu was founded at Northwestern University on February 24, 1924. Under the leadership of Sylvia Arnold, six devoted women initiated what was to become one of the premier business fraternities in the United States: Phi Gamma Nu.

In 1924, the organization was established under the Three National Pillars - Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Community. In 1974, in accordance with Title IX Act of 1974 issued by the United States Congress, Phi Gamma Nu opened its membership as a co-educational fraternity. Since then, Phi Gamma Nu has grown to become a national, influential, and dedicated organization, devoted to professionalism, service, and brotherhood. Today, there are 103 Phi Gamma Nu chapters nationwide.


The Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu was founded in September 2003 by the Founding Five: Shachar Golan, Ian Lin, Kelsey Schwenk, Kathy Cernocky, and Sara Haq. The Chapter was officially initiated by the National Office on December 7, 2003.

Since then, the Delta Lambda Chapter has grown to become a thriving organization that has changed nature of professional fraternities at the University of Pennsylvania. Through the initiatives of Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Community, Phi Gamma Nu has established a tradition of excellence.

In accordance with the First Pillar of Professionalism, Phi Gamma Nu is unique in its dedication to fostering professional advancement in the greater Penn community, rather than among ourselves alone. In addition to multiple professional events each semester, Phi Gamma Nu hosts the largest student-organized career fair on campus. Over the past two years, the fair has hosted, on average, 900 students each year – both undergraduate and graduate students of all majors from the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School. We believe our dedication to hosting an event of this magnitude is a testament to our dedication to the greater Penn community.

In accordance with the Second Pillar of Philanthropy, Phi Gamma Nu is dedicated to service. While Phi Gamma Nu regularly engages in numerous events to benefit foundations like CARE, Big Brother Big Sister, and the American Cancer Society, our fraternity is also the creator of Balls for Balls - a matzoh ball eating contest, where all proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This original fundraising event is just one example of our focus on fresh, creative events.

In accordance with the Third Pillar of Community, Phi Gamma Nu is dedicated to promoting brotherhood within our fraternity. This past semester, the Delta Lambda Chapter attended its first convention with the Penn State and Ohio University Chapters. With this event, the Delta Lambda Chapter anticipates a tradition of close networking with the national Phi Gamma Nu community.

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