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from the Recruiting Chairs

Dear Prospective Fall 2021 Recruits,


We’re excited to welcome you to our Fall 2021 recruitment process! For the next few weeks, we’ve planned a variety of events in order to get to know you and for you to get to know the brothers of the professional development organization.


The Delta Lambda chapter of PGN is made up of driven individuals from different majors and backgrounds who continually strive to develop their professional and personal skills in order to succeed in today’s workplace. With brothers representing all 4 schools, several dual degree programs, and a plethora of different career paths, PGN offers a unique opportunity to develop your professional goals through education and mentorship.


Our brotherhood is an incredibly friendly and tight-knit community. While every student at Penn will go on their own unique journeys, we hope to show you the impact that our community have had on our brothers and welcome you to discover your potential in our brotherhood. We look forward to meeting you.



Katelyn Cua & Jeffrey Yu

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Katelyn Cua, WH'23
Jeffrey Yu, CAS'23

Internship Panel

Tuesday, 9/07

7PM-9PM ET |


ARCH 208

PGN brothers are a professionally diverse group of people with interests ranging from finance to art to technology. Our panelists will speak about their internships and interests, while our brothers will also be available to chat after the panel. 

Meet the Brothers

Wednesday, 9/08 7PM-9PM ET |


ARCH Basement

Brothers hail from different areas around the world in an informal setting to talk about Greek life, professional fraternities, and more. We look forward to meeting you. 

Closed Recruitment Application

Saturday, 9/11

11:59PM ET

The closed recruitment application is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in Wharton?

No - all students are welcome. We do, however, require that all candidates have a demonstrated interest in business and/or economics.

What are PGN's principles?

PGN is built on three pillars: Professionalism, Philanthropy, Community. We rely on these pillars for direction in everything that we do.

Am I allowed to recruit for all four professional development organizations?

Yes. We encourage you to attend at least one event hosted by all four groups to see which one fits you best!

What is the difference between the four professional development organizations at Penn?

The culture! Since each professional organization consists of different people, each has a different feel to it. We encourage you to explore all four groups on campus in order to determine which is the right fit for you.

I'm a freshman. Can I participate in PGN recruiting?

PGN Recruitment for freshman begins in the spring semester, but you are welcome to come to the open rush events this fall to meet brothers and get a better sense of what PGN is about!