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About Our Chapter.

The Delta Lambda Chapter of PGN is one of four professional development organizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

PGN values professionalism, brotherhood, and diversity. Our driven and dedicated group of brothers represent all four of Penn's schools and come from all around the world, with a common interest in business and a goal of developing professionalism both individually and within the Penn community.







Penn Schools




"PGN's tight-knit community is what makes it different."

—  Abhi Basvoju, Alpha Mu Class

History & Mission

We were founded in September 2003 by the Founding Five: Shachar Golan, Ian Lin, Kelsey Schwenk, Kathy Cernocky, and Sara Haq. The Chapter was officially initiated by the National Office on December 7, 2003. Since then, the Delta Lambda Chapter has grown to become a thriving organization that has changed the nature of professional development organizations at the University of Pennsylvania. Through the initiatives of Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Community, PGN has established a tradition of excellence.


Since our inauguration, we have followed the Governing Principles of the National Chapter. As a chapter of the PGN National Organization, we embrace the personality and spirit of its founding members. At the University of Pennsylvania, we are unique in having created an organization open to all. We believe that opportunities for the study of business should be provided to every individual, regardless of social or academic background.


Three Pillars


PGN is unique in our dedication to fostering professional advancement in the greater Penn community. We host multiple professional events open to all students, including Fall Mock Interviews, company recruiting events, and the annual Silver Lake Private Equity Competition. We bare dedicated to fostering professional development to Brothers and beyond.


PGN is dedicated to service. While we regularly engage in numerous events to benefit foundations, like CARE, Big Brother Big Sister, and the American Cancer Society, our organization is also the creator of Balls for Balls, a matzoh ball eating contest, where all proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This original fundraising event is just one example of our focus on fresh, creative events.


Community is the cornerstone of our three pillars. We are dedicated to promoting brotherhood, support, and compassion within our organization. We host countless internal bonding events including skiing trips, Friendsgiving, scary movie nights, and formals. The bonds formed between our members transcend university and serve to last a lifetime.

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