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Meet the Brothers


Christopher Shen

2024 PGN President

A letter from the President:

It's with incredible honor and pride that I welcome you to the Delta Lambda Chapter of PGN.

I was once told by a PGN alumnus that, 20 years down the line, college is nothing without the people you lived through it with. I joined this organization to find stable footing on Penn's campus, and in my years of involvement, the level of engagement and commitment to PGN -- from its brothers and alumni -- have far exceeded my expectations. Few words can describe the thrill of adventuring into Philadelphia, the excitement of landing our first internships, and the laugher accompanying road trips that I have experienced with this brotherhood, now forming my closest friends.

With representation from all four undergraduate schools and all dual degree programs, PGN offers the most diverse family that you will be able to find during your time at Penn. While our roots are in business, the PGN community today consists of an incredibly rich spectrum of academic and professional interests, spanning Media/Entertainment, Fashion, Law, Medicine/Health, Business andTechnology. 

Our commitment to developing community extends beyond our organization. We regularly partner with local organizations and devote our time to supporting their causes, including recently the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Henry C Lea Elementary School. We commit ourselves to advancing professional development across Penn's campus, and have partnered with companies such as Deloitte and Silver Lake for recruiting and competitions in the past.

Joining PGN was the single best decision I made in college. I learned early on that I wanted to surround myself with people enthusiastic about developing my own professional and personal goals. Looking back, I can say that I found exactly just that. I invite you all to learn more about us through our website and our social media. Please reach out to my email if you have any questions.

Very best regards,

Christopher Shen

2024 President

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